The future is here

I’ve just signed one of my books on Kindle. No, really.

A while ago, I signed up with Kindlegraph. I spent way too long trying to get my signature just right with a mouse and then forgot all about it.

Yesterday, I had my first request! I tried the mouse thing again, but then remembered the iPad and actually managed a marginally better signature with my finger (you can only imagine how long I spent trying – if I buy one of those iPad pen thingies, that might be better).


(I don’t usually put a kiss over the i in my name, but since I couldn’t dot it with the iPad – and I usually put a kiss after my name – I thought I’d kill two birds.)

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5 thoughts on “The future is here

  1. Oh, how do I request that, then? (click on the Kindlegraph link, I suppose. Duhh.)

  2. that’s amazing! i want all my e books signed!

  3. Seriously? Damn … now I wish I had a kindle! :D

  4. I didn’t even realise you could do this! Genuis! Does either of your boys have a Nintendo DS? They come with a stylus, that i’m pretty sure will work just fine on an iPad.

    • Stylus, that’s the word! But no, they don’t. They iPad ones are really cheap though, just need to organise myself enough to order one. Thank you!

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