OMG! I’ve got a book coming out! Part 8

Well, it’s out already. Kind of. But the publication date is 6 May so I’m not really counting it as out-out until Thursday.

The past week has been a bit surreal. Lots of people have read Della Says: OMG! and loved it (or at least that’s what they’ve told me…). Even people I DON’T KNOW have read it and got in touch to tell me they enjoyed it, which is just amazing.

The photo was taken by my lovely online friend Kate, who works in Waterstone’s. I used to work in Waterstone’s (I wrote a bit about it here) so seeing my book on the shelf with a bookseller recommendation is just fantastic. And I still haven’t actually seen my book in a shop! I’ve tried a few local shops and they haven’t got it yet. Maybe this week…

Years ago, I found the publishing industry magazine The Bookseller at a newsagents near a temp job I had. I bought it and read about Jane Green selling her first novel Straight Talk. It made me yearn. The book sounded like the kind of thing I wanted to write, but couldn’t seem to, you know, actually get on and write.

When I worked at Waterstone’s, I was able to read The Bookseller every week and I loved it. When I got my book deal I subscribed. And then last week I was in it. Surreal.


6 thoughts on “OMG! I’ve got a book coming out! Part 8

  1. I looked in my local Waterstones and nothing – just stupid Jerry Spinelli. 😉

    So I went to the computer and did a search on and left Della Says OMG there for all to see. 🙂

    1. Haha! Fab, thank you! And your Waterstone’s has still got customer computers? Ours were taken away years ago! Or did you use a staff one…?

      1. Ha, no, it wasn’t a staff one. Yes, we still have customer computers! (What did you people do??) Having said that, it was really slow, so maybe it’ll be confiscated soon.

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