OMG! I’ve got a book out! Part 1

I don’t even know where to begin…

The official release date of Della Says: OMG! was 6 May, i.e. last Thursday. You may have noticed that something else, something apparently more important, was going on that day…

I spent the day enjoying my lovely publication day party over on Chicklish and then I asked Harry (5) where he wanted to go to celebrate. He said “Thank You & Benny’s” which is what he calls Frankie & Benny’s so that’s where we went. (The food was dreadful, but we had a lovely time anyway.)

And then on Saturday morning, me and David dropped the boys off with David’s parents and set off down to London. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll be aware that I’ve been very stressed about my launch party. VERY STRESSED. I worried about what I was going to wear (a LOT). I worried about the venue. I worried no one would turn up. I worried I’d make an absolute arse of myself. I even worried about the train and the hotel. But it all went swimmingly. Brilliantly, in fact.

The train was – get this – early! The hotel was about three minutes’ walk away from the venue. And before the party I even – finally – saw my book on the shelf (in Waterstone’s, Covent Garden). When me and David got to the Theodore Bullfrog, we were greeted by Julie and Peter, who I actually knew as @BalloonBaboon and @justicing on Twitter. Julie brought me a bunch of fabulous balloon flowers and an actual balloon baboon, which I LOVE (see – and buy – their amazing balloons here). We had about half an hour chatting and relaxing downstairs with Julie, Peter and some of our oldest friends, who’d also arrived early and then we headed upstairs to the private room.

From there, things got a bit giddy. Lots of lovely people – real world friends, online friends, my agent*, my editor**, my publicist*** – arrived and I tried to greet them and accept gorgeous presents and chat and sign books and it all became a bit of a whirl. Some people said hello when they arrived and the next time I saw them was as they were leaving and I hadn’t had a chance to speak to them in between. Eventually I gave an incredibly gushy speech (basically just “THANK YOU!” over and over again) and giggled a lot and then – much, much too soon – it was all over and there was me and David and our friends Jo and Andy, talking about the election while the staff put the chairs up on the tables. We staggered out into the night (by that point my shoes, which earlier I’d found surprisingly comfortable, were AGONISING) and went for a pizza before hobbling back to the hotel. It’s a good job it was so close.

I’ll write more about it tomorrow, but I wanted to make sure I got some down today. I had a completely brilliant night, one of the best nights of my life. If you were there – THANK YOU!

* Squee! ** Squeee! *** Squeeee!


24 thoughts on “OMG! I’ve got a book out! Part 1

  1. No, thank YOU!! It was a lovely party – was so great to meet you finally and celebrate the launch of your fabulous book πŸ™‚ I had a similar shoe issue – they were so comfy right until I got off the train and had to walk home, with Mike asking all the way “Explain to me again why women do this to themselves?”

    1. So good to meet you too. Wish we’d been able to chat more. Will definitely have to “do lunch” next time I’m in London. x

  2. Aw, I’m glad it went so well. Is that Gemma in the background, btw? You look all author-y (and a little giddy) πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, that’s Gemma with mad eyes πŸ™‚ And you think I look giddy there? Have you seen the “speech” photo?

  3. You make me laugh at how surprised you are that all this is happening to you. You worked very hard to achieve it all, congratulations and you get to do it all over again on Thursday!

  4. Many, many congratulations, Keris! Can’t wait to read your book…
    So pleased you had a lovely pub day.

  5. Lovely to meet you in person, Keris. Glad you had a great night! The hen night I went on to afterwards was slightly less civilised…

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