Settle an argument, eh?

A lovely Twitter friend, Ger, mentioned in passing that she quite fancies Noel Edmonds. Well. As you can imagine, I was horrified. I’ve been aware of Mr Edmonds for most of my life (since Swap Shop when I was just a teensy sproglet) and yet I’ve never – never! – heard anyone admit to fancying him. I’ve never even heard him mentioned as a guilty/embarrassing crush.

So after I rightly mocked the crazy Noel-fancier, she asked me about my own embarrassing crushes. I said David Mitchell, even though I’m not at all embarrassed about fancying him really. He’s the thinking woman’s crumpet. Obviously. But she thinks it’s much more embarrassing to fancy lovely David Mitchell than to fancy Noel Edmonds. (Noel Edmonds!) So I told her I’d put it to the vote. Here. On my blog. Back me up, people.

Added: Ger wanted me to emphasise that she finds Noel cringeworthy on Deal or No Deal, she just likes the look of him. Is that better? I’m not sure…


9 thoughts on “Settle an argument, eh?

  1. If I may so myself, this is a tad biased…but hey ho! :oP Come on Noel!!! ;o)

  2. I wrote a story about someone fancying Noel. I can so see the attraction, but then again I love Simon C and possibly Paul O’Grady… x

  3. THANK YOU Caroline!! At last, SOMEONE with good taste!! I do love Simon too 😉

  4. David Mitchell is so funny (his Observer column is pure genius) and he has a very endearing smile so not embarassing at all.

    Noel on the other hand……hmmm. Not at all sure about that one 🙂

  5. I’ve never thought of Noel that way, but I guess now that I am looking harder (just for you) I suppose he’s not doing too badly for his age. He’s certainly not a bad looking bloke. It’s just that, it’s Noel Edmonds, for heaven’s sake! It would be like fancying your best friend’s dad or something. David, on the other hand, would be absolutely gorgeous if he had a chin and better hair. But as he is, he’s still kinda cute and smart and witty, so he definitely gets my vote.

  6. Noel IS very fit for a man for his age and he has such lovely ways about him – I always preferred him over Cheggers in Swap Shop – like you say – in a ‘Dad-crush’ kinda way. And even though I totally *get* the David Mitchell thing I don’t think I could ever bring myself to snog him – it’s his wit that’s sexy, not his looks. Mind you, this is from a hard-core Rik mayall and Martin Clunes fan – it’s the humour that’s the appeal – can’t imagine running my fingers through Noel’s hair but he’s easier on the eye than the Mitchell lad.

  7. Keris, has to be David Mitchell for me – think it’s the Mark Corrigan/Peep Show thing! Could never fancy Noel Edmonds, it would be like fancying your grandfather… Lisa x

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