OMG! I’ve got a book out! Part 2

Last week was all about parties and stalking my book in various shops. And I found it! I have now seen it in one Waterstone’s and three WH Smithses. I even made a show of myself attempting to buy a copy (because I sold all my copies at my Manchester launch party last Thursday) – I was overcharged and had to go back and complain AFTER having told them it was my book. On the upside, they’ll remember me. They’ll remember me as a loon…

What else? The book tour continues and I’m still loving it. In fact, I don’t want it to end so if anyone would like to host me, just let me know. You can read about some of the more adult themes of Della Says: OMG here on Diane Shipley’s blog, what I did after my London launch party on Rhiana Reads and a have a sneak peek at my next book on Novelista.

And tomorrow I have to start work on the next book. Eek. Hold me.


5 thoughts on “OMG! I’ve got a book out! Part 2

  1. Book stalking is so much fun, isn’t it? I’ve stalked mine so much at Waterstones I think they know me now as the loser author who keeps coming in to stroke her book. I’m going to have to get a disguise together soon.

  2. Reading your posts about your book is nothing short of inspirational. You know I’ve had trouble with my most recent draft, but if ever there was an incentive to carry on with it, it’s seeing how happy you are and how much you’ve achieved.



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