Imaginary friends

I’ve been worrying about Harry (5) lately since he’s obsessed with what he calls his “pretend friends”. He has lots, but his current favourites are the Chipmunks and Chipettes from Alvin & the Chipmunks 2: The Squeakquel. I had imaginary friends too and I know it’s supposed to be a sign of a good imagination, I just worry that Harry spends more time with them than he does his, you know, “real friends”.

This morning he told me he dreamed about Brittany Chipette (left!):

You know when Alvin and Theodore and the guitar goes up in the air? Well then it came down and landed on Brittany and that’s how she was dead.

“Oh dear,” I said. “That doesn’t sound very nice. That sounds really sad.”

“No,” he said. “It’s okay. She’s still alive in this country.”

“Right. So what country is she dead in then?”

“My imagination!”

I think he’s going to be fine.


8 thoughts on “Imaginary friends

  1. At 5 I think the imaginary friends appeared with us too. I put it down to not being allowed to take Goldie the teddy bear everywhere, like school etc.

    So along came General Grievous instead. Grievous is a 4 armed, robot hybrid thing from StarWars, and in those 4 hands, he holds a lightsaber in each.

    As you can imagine, dinner times with the good General were precarious, trying to avoid sudden death by sitting in the chair he had lain his weapons. I do miss the old sod though, he was a dab hand at helping with a tossed salad.

  2. Imaginary friends show all the signs of a full on creative child, and I think they become more confident as a result. They come and go, all part of expressing themselves I think. I should blame my own waffling on talking to my imaginary friend still.

  3. my 16 yo son’s imaginary friend was billie piper, i used to have to wait for her to get in the car before i could drive him home from school, she used to take ages, she was also the person who flooded my bathroom, it couldn’t possibly have been my boy lol

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