The gallery: Friendship

I’ve seen The Gallery on lots of lovely sites and I thought I’d join in. Each week, Tara at Sticky Fingers blogs a prompt for a photo and this week’s is friendship. I was going to look through my photographs until one jumped out at me, but this one jumped straight into my head and so I went with it.

It’s me (obviously) and my lovely French friend Severine and it was taken in Paris in 2006 while we were waiting for Robbie Williams to come on stage. That day was a very “friendy” day too since before the gig we had lunch with our friend Gabrielle and a bunch of her friends and it was just one of those wonderful, chatty, delicious, slightly tipsy, sunny lunches (and I tried snails). It’s one of my happiest memories.


10 thoughts on “The gallery: Friendship

  1. How fab! I’m very envious of the fact you saw Robbie in Paris.

    Love the whole “The Gallery” idea, I may have to follow your lead.

    1. Thanks, Jenni. I was never bothered about stadium gigs since I thought you wouldn’t be able to see anything, but Robbie was just brilliant. Loved it. And, yes, you should do The Gallery too!

  2. Thanks, everyone.

    bubbleboo – I just thought ‘When in Paris…’ but they didn’t taste of anything. They were just like garlic-flavoured chewiness. So I wouldn’t bother.

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