The Gallery: Still life

This week’s prompt from Tara at Sticky Fingers was Still Life.

Again, I’ve picked an old photograph and one that immediately popped into my mind. It was taken in our backyard in Ramsbottom, so it’s five or six years old, but it reminds me of a particularly happy time in our lives. We moved to Ramsbottom when I found out I was pregnant with Harry and the flat we were living in didn’t allow children.

Ramsbottom was a lovely place to live – very pretty, small and friendly – and it was also the first time in a while that we’d had any outside space (we’d had a roof terrace in London seven years earlier, but nothing since). There was no garden, just a tiny yard, but my mother-in-law bought us pots and we went to Ikea and bought a wooden table and chairs and that metal watering can.

When I was pregnant with Harry, I sat out there a lot, reading and just enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. When Harry was six months old, we moved to the house we’re in now. We all love this house, but I do still miss Rammy. And not just for the amazing chocolate torte at The Cultured Bean


9 thoughts on “The Gallery: Still life

  1. What a lovely pic and a lovely memory to go with it.
    I’m only up the road from Ramsbottom (Haslingden) and I love Ramsbottom, it’s such a lovely place.

    I’m the same. Just given up my Salford flat and really appreciate a garden, fresh air and green fields.


  2. Lovely. I wish I enjoyed my back yard more. I guess when I look at it I associate work and mosquitoes. The big yard has its benefits but it also has much against it.

    1. Yep, we don’t use the one we have now because it’s too high-maintenance. We don’t do mowing, etc., and so it’s all overgrown and full of cat poo. (Previous owners had cats and even though we’ve been here for five years, the neighbourhood cats all act like they own the place!)

      1. Um… Ewww! If you throw your orange peels out back you’ll chase the cats away and give the lawn some compost and it might smell better back there.

        You should see if there is a local garden club that needs a project!

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