Happy Hump Day

Today I got a lovely (and very funny) review from publishing big mouth bigwig Scott Pack.

I was also tweeted by – *faints* – David Mitchell (you can watch the Personal Debt podcast here):

And then there’s this, which made me do an actual *squee*

You’re all invited. Would be amazeballs* to see you there!

* I have no idea, but the cool kids are using it and, as you will clearly see above, I am nothing if not cool.


11 thoughts on “Happy Hump Day

  1. Hah! I can’t believe he said that!

    Wish I could be at the event, some of my favourite authors! I have at least one book by all of you guys if not all! 😦

  2. Oh wow – what a line-up – it’s almost too awesome to be true – where the heck is Dulwich anyway though (if my nerves return or I get so bladdered someone can trolley me there unawares)?

  3. You totally got “amazeballs” from me 😉 (should I stop trying to make “fetch” happen?)

    How exciting! Wish I could go to see all you fab authors, I’m having TOTAL London envy lately.

    Oh, and the review is great, if um, rude. x

      1. Ha, no, I picked it up from American blogs, I think. Those yanks always get there first. They’re so fetch.

  4. I just got a message from Amazon.ca that they were spliting the order I made (a few writing books and two of yours) and was very disappointed to see that your books weren’t in my order and would be shipping at some point later. Are you sold out or what? LOL

    1. I very much doubt it! Sorry about that. You should’ve ordered from the Book Depository – free international delivery and I know they’ve got them in stock.

      1. No need to apologize. I just thought you might want to know it’s not that efficient over here. I’ve never ordered from the Book Depository before.

      2. I just went back to Amazon.ca and it is saying “Temporarily out of stock.”. Maybe we have bought them out. LOL The Book Depository is almost 2 bucks cheaper!

  5. It’s too late. I can’t cancel the order at this point says the notice. The delivery estimate is June 16 — only another week.

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