The one where Keris cooks…

One of my favourite writers is Catherine Newman. I read her parenting memoir Waiting for Birdy a couple of years ago and then I read it again. And then again. And then I read all of her Ben & Birdy columns online and now I read her food column, Dalai Mama Dishes, on Family Fun. I love her.

Yesterday I read this recipe for Smoky Shrimp with Garlic and Olive Oil and I thought it sounded rather delish. So after I picked Harry up from school, I went to Tesco’s and bought prawns and spinach. David, who usually cooks, had had a big lunch and so wasn’t planning on making a big dinner, so I was free to use the kitchen myself. And look!

There were a few substitutions: I don’t do raw prawns so I just bought normal king prawns, and we didn’t have sherry vinegar so I used balsamic. And we don’t have smoked paprika, so I just used ordinary. But oh my goodness it was delicious. So delicious that I’ve been thinking about it all day and might actually make it again tonight.

David laughed at me for taking a photo, but look how scrumptious it looks! *beams with pride*


6 thoughts on “The one where Keris cooks…

  1. Aww! Congrats, Keris, it does look delish! 🙂 And yay you for having the guts to swap ingredients when you didn’t have them..I’d just shout at my mother and go sulk 😛

  2. Yay! Good for you. The veg looks lovely but unfortunately for myself, (b) I cannot abide shellfish and (a) I’ve gone vegetarian again. (Not necessarily in that order).

  3. It *does* look scrumptious – I will definitely be giving it a go (also YAY for spinach!).

    1. Well I had bread with it, Camilla, so it was fine. Also, I ate it really slowly because I was enjoying it so much. David’s just made it, but felt the need to fiddle with it and his version was nowhere near as nice as mine. He made it with noodles.

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