Tiny serving trees

How cute? I would almost certainly eat more fruit (or, er, marshmallows) if I had these little trees to eat it from!

[via Swiss Miss]


5 thoughts on “Tiny serving trees

  1. – Can I just say that I had a plastic 1970’s version of one of these (fondly known in around gaff as The TitBit Tree),it was clear frosted plastic effect and was purchased in Help The Aged on Smithdown Road in Liverpool for the pricely sum of 99 pence,was unused and in its original box (I cannot imagine why)and consequently it served us well for many Eurovison parties over the years, the most memorable one of which was the one when Dana International won with Viva La Diva.Dana was wearing a Galliano feathered dress at the time. I cannot remember what I was wearing.Probably my tea by that stage of the proceedings.

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