The Gallery: Creature

This week’s Gallery prompt is Creatures.

We attempted to have an annual tradition of going to the zoo on Harry’s birthday, but it’s gone a bit out of the window for the past couple of years. Last year we went to Disneyland Paris for his birthday instead and this year he’s going with the school instead (which is good on the one hand because zoos are so flamin’ expensive, but on the other hand it means me and D – and Joe – miss out).

This photo was taken at South Lakes Wild Animal Park on Harry’s third birthday, I think. It’s not a great photo in general, but I just love that paw. Look at it!

I also love this one. I always forget how enormous giraffes are, even the babies. I love them because they are just so completely outrageous and ridiculous-looking, but incredibly beautiful at the same time (those eyes!).


8 thoughts on “The Gallery: Creature

  1. That paw is just brilliant – I love it. Great picture – and of the giraffe, too. Love the expression on its face, with the bottom jaw, it looks like (s)he’s saying, “Err, do I know you?”

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