The Gallery: Emotions

This week’s gallery prompt by Tara at Sticky Fingers was emotions and I’ve chosen the photo in the usual way, i.e. pretty much the first one that popped into my mind.

This was taken in hospital when Harry came in to meet Joe for the first time. We’d been so worried about what a second child would do to Harry. We knew that it would have positive aspects (company, etc.), but we also worried that Harry would feel pushed out, would resent the baby, would be upset at no longer being the full focus of our attention…

That never happened. Harry was in love with Joe from the beginning. He never said he didn’t want the baby, never asked when he was going back, never wished we didn’t have him. In fact, Harry’s reaction to (and subsequent relationship with) Joe has been joyful. It makes me and David very happy and proud. And this is how it began:

Last year...
Last week...

11 thoughts on “The Gallery: Emotions

  1. Love the pics, especially the last one. We had the same worries about Daniel who was 2 when Michael was born. We brought Michael home and Daniel leaned over and peeked in the bassinet and burst out laughing! They’re like chalk and cheese but thick as thieves.

  2. Awww, they’re lovely photos and it is a very strange feeling going from one child to two….looks like your two love each other very much.

  3. Aw, lovely pix. My two are close together in age but are as thick as thieves. The younger one is the brains of the operation and gets her big brother to do all the dirty work so he’s the brawn.

  4. What lovely brothers. I was so worried about how my little boy would feel when I had my daughter last year but he adores her, likes to maintain the hierarchy with the odd casual shove. Hearing them laugh together is possibly my most favourite sound.

  5. What fabulous photos, I love how Harry just looks so darn proud in that first photo, and in the bottom one how they look like they’re sharing a secret joke.

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