Happy 4th Birthday, Chicklish!

Luisa, me, Sarra, Simmone

The Chicklish event last Monday went so brilliantly. Luisa met me at Euston and we gabbed our way down to East Dulwich – via the Cath Kidston shop in Marylebone and a drink in a pavement cafe (so I could pretend I was on my hols) – and met up with Sarra Manning and Simmone Howell in the pub, before the event.

I’d never done a reading before and the only reason I wasn’t dreading it was because I was in denial. I don’t remember much about it, but I did it. And only after I’d finished did I think I was going to throw up. After the readings, we chatted and answered questions from the lovely audience and then it was over. I can’t say I wasn’t relieved, but also it was too soon. It went so quickly!

But happily we then headed back over to the pub, this time with Susie Day and Sophia Bennett in tow, along with Tamara and George from Tales on Moon Lane. I can’t quite believe I was in the pub with some of my favourite YA authors (most of my favourite YA authors, in fact) and didn’t think to take a photo. What an idiot.

You can read more about the event on Susie Day’s, Katie Dale’s, and Simmone Howell’s blogs.

Thanks to Simmone for the photo (I didn’t even take a camera!), to Luisa for organising it, Luisa (again) and Sarra and Simmone for being so inspiring and encouraging, and to all the lovely people who turned up and made my first author event such a lovely and memorable one.

When can we do it again? 😉


7 thoughts on “Happy 4th Birthday, Chicklish!

  1. Aw bless – loo, two of my bestest ever writer buddies sitting there alongside yet another two of my fave authors – what a line-up – I must be the fan (!)

  2. Woo hooo! Oh, it’s brilliant to read this. Doesn’t it all seem ages like ago already? I really enjoyed myself – and thanks to you, too!

    Debs, some people do call me ‘loo’. 🙂

  3. It sounds like it was a great event – forgetting to take a picture sounds like something I would do (or more like forgetting the camera all together!)

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