Two wheels good

I don’t really know why, but I rather love the Tour de France. Yes they’re probably all on drugs (and David read something about one cyclist having some sort of teeny engine added to his bike, FFS), but it really does signal the start of summer for me.

Me and David were lucky enough to be in Paris for the final stage a couple of years ago and although it was, like, the crappiest TdF for years, we loved it and had a brilliant time.

This year David will no doubt be supporting Bradley Wiggins, since he lives just up the road, and we will, once again, be laughing at David Millar, who is just the most brilliantly miserable sportsman and isn’t afraid to share it in interviews. I saw him in Manchester a couple of years ago. I knew I knew him, but not where from and I was foiled because he was smiling. Once I pictured him with a right gob on, I knew who it was straight away.

Do you watch the Tour de France? Who are you wanting to win?

[Have just asked David who he’s supporting and after a short and yet tedious lecture on how he’s not “supporting” anyone, blah blah, he said he quite fancies Andy Schleck. Yeah, but what about to win the Tour de France? Ha ha bonk.]

[Illustration by the amazing I Love Dust]