Movie Monday: Born Yesterday

Oh dear. Again, not a romantic comedy, but such a good film. Judy Holliday is just completely wonderful – I fell totally in love with her. I didn’t really know anything about her before. So sad that she died so young. Will definitely check out her other films now.

With previous films I’ve been struck by how strong the heroines have been and in this one Holliday plays a ditsy bombshell… who gets an education, becomes empowered and changes her life. Love it.

William Holden was rather lovely too (he was one of my mum’s faves, but I don’t think I’ve seen him in anything before).

Jenny and Lani have a problem with the “preaching about issues” and, yes, the message was pretty heavy-handed, but it didn’t particularly bother me. But I could happily have forgiven this movie quite a lot thanks to Judy Holliday.

In case you’re new to this blog, I’m watching classic romantic comedies along with the Popcorn Dialogues and it’s just wonderful. I’m learning about romantic comedy and I’m also getting an education in classic films (even if they don’t turn out to be romantic comedies).

Next week: Desk Set (really looking forward to this one – love Katharine Hepburn)

Someone else I knew next to nothing about is Ava Gardner. I can’t remember where or why, but I read a rave review of this biography and I’m loving it. She sounds like a really cool woman with really terrible taste in men.


6 thoughts on “Movie Monday: Born Yesterday

  1. I was a bit scared to read this in case you hated Holliday (I know some of the #PopD watchers really did) and then we couldn’t be friends anymore…

    She’s wonderful. She’s in a couple of Jack Lemmon comedies (It Should Happen to you, which is silly but she’s adorable, and Pfft!) and Adam’s Rib (maybe my favourite Kat Hepburn film), which was an audition for Born Yesterday, as the producers weren’t sure she could carry a film. (Duh.)

    I wasn’t bothered either way about William Holden, and I’ll have to rewatch it to see about the issues thing.
    Did you see the article I tweeted to Lani?

    SO sad she died so young, as is completely underrrated. At least a few peeps will hopefully have discovered her now. (Btw, there’s a modern remake of this with Melanie Griffith and John Goodman. It’s not that bad, from what I remember.)

    1. Some of them didn’t like Holliday? Really? I thought she was just amazing. That article is exactly right. Every mannerism was so watchable and I loved her speech patterns (as well as the voice). I think “I should take this pencil and draw a circle around you!” was my fave line. Along with “Whaaaaaaaaaaat?” right at the beginning, obv.

      I haven’t seen Adam’s Rib. Have wanted to for years. Must get around to it now.

      I though Holden was perfect. Understated and sexy.

      1. I saw someone say she was annoying, and someone else say she was going to stop watching because of her! Which made me so sad. I’m really looking forward to watching it again now 🙂
        He was a good enough actor but I just didn’t find Holden that attractive or charismatic. I know a lot of people do/did, though. And I guess he was a good foil, because she needed to be the most charismatic one.

  2. Really? That’s madness.

    Like I said, I haven’t seen Holden in anything else (I’ve always just associated him with my mum… and Natalie Wood), but that’s exactly it – she needed to be the charismatic one, but he still needed to be attractive and not just someone that she’d pick because he wasn’t Harry. I liked him better with his glasses on too 🙂

  3. But wasn’t the irony of it meant to be that she was actually quite a strong and smart woman even before she got her education? Or is it just that I remember that she had a very high IQ in real life. .. A lot of these old movies don’t appeal to everyone, unfortunately. They are very dated and the stuff that was relevant at the time has now been forgotten. Some people don’t have the patience but I think they are great history lessons – if anyone’s interested in that aspect. Hollywood had to preach all the time, as well, to keep the dumb old public on the straight and narrow. It was the law. (Well, Hays law, that is.)
    William Holden was in that classic, Sunset Boulevard – maybe you should watch it sometime. (Definitely NOT a comedy of any kind, though!) I always liked William Holden and DO think he was attractive and that he had enormous presence onscreen – very understated. Glasses on and/or off…
    Why do you mention William and Natalie together, and what is their connection? 🙂 xx

    1. No, I don’t think so, Maz. She obviously wasn’t stupid, but at the beginning she’s quite happy to be “dumb”.

      I don’t know why, but I’ve never fancied Sunset Boulevard. I know it’s a classic, so I really should watch it one day.

      As for the William and Natalie connection, I was thinking they were a couple, but I’ve just looked it up and he was with Stefanie Powers while Natalie was with Robert Wagner, so I’ve obviously just got confused! (And, of course, he and Natalie both had rather unpleasant deaths.)

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