The Gallery: Nature

This week’s Gallery prompt at Sticky Fingers was Nature. For me, that means the sea.

I love being by the sea. I was born right in the centre of Canada – about as far away from the sea as you can get – and then brought up at the seaside in New Brighton.

I feel so much better when I’m by the sea. One of my favourite memories of mine and David’s trip around California and Oregon in 2001, was standing on the beach, taking deep gulps of the sea air and just feeling FREEEEEEEEEEEE! I haven’t actually managed to scan any of those photos in yet, but I love this one of the sand dunes at Formby because it was taken on my favourite kind of day. Sunny, but cold. Perfect seaside weather.

And I just found this one, which is even better (still Formby):


18 thoughts on “The Gallery: Nature

  1. I remember that FREEEEE feeling when I went in the ocean where Craig’s Mum & Dad live for the first time. I always professed to hating the beach before that but the sand and the surf and the sun is so exhilerating!

  2. Oh gorgeous. I LOVE being by the sea too – I miss it when I haven’t been for a while. And yes – a cold bright winters day is by far the best kind of day to be beside the sea.
    Am *wanting* to go to Formby beach now…

  3. I lived in Blackpool for two years but being without a car I missed out on seeing the area, a lost opportunity I think, your pictures are beautiful 🙂

  4. I love the sea too, yet have managed to live as far away from it as it is possible to live in the uk. Tsk. Great photos – I love the sense of freedom 🙂

  5. Beautiful photos! We have been to Formby beach once – it’s lovely, very very windy! Hoping to take our puppy for lots of walks there when he is big enough!

  6. Ooh, you are not far from me! We’ve been to Crosby a few times and Southport a lot but not really been to Formby. Will have to rectify that if the weather EVER improves.

    I love being near the sea too. I grew up in Bucks so in English terms, that is about as far from the sea as you can make it. I lived on the hampshire coast for a few years and loved it. I’m inland a bit but only half an hour from the Fylde coast and 40 mins from Southport (tho that is technically nearer!) so I can get to the sea if I want to.

  7. Lovely pictures. I’m with you, a cold sunny day, wrapped up snug, crisp air and clear light – perfect beach weather. That beach looks beautiful.

  8. I have a craving to have an old fashioned seaside day – eating rubbish and playing seaside bingo. It’s years since I’ve been – one of the down sides of being in the middle of the country!

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