Lauren Oliver’s beautiful new cover

Lauren Oliver’s debut Before I Fall is one of the best books I’ve ever read and I can’t wait to read her next book, Delirium, particularly know I’ve seen the phenomenal cover.

Isn’t it gorgeous? The cover will have the title and Lauren’s name cut out, with the full photograph visible underneath. I love it.

[via Lauren’s blog]


6 thoughts on “Lauren Oliver’s beautiful new cover

  1. At first glance I thought. Ehh, it’s ok.

    It wasn’t until I read “cut out, with the full photograph visible underneath” and looked at the cover again that I even noticed there was a picture there. It was weird. Like looking at one of those crazy pictures that look like nothing and then an image forms within it. I forget what they are called. It was cool to watch the image form through the text anyway. 😀

    1. I know! I did the same! I still liked it at first glance because I like the cover and the typeface, but it wasn’t until I saw the girl underneath that it really blew me away. Have you read Before I Fall? Sickeningly good.

  2. Yes, I liked it at first glance and then suddenly realised I was missing the detail! Fabulous cover for what I imagine will be another fabulous book.

  3. Ooh, I totally forgot how much I want to read Before I Fall. Thanks for reminding me about it (and if I didn’t want to read it before ‘one of the best books I’ve ever read’ would have made me want to!

  4. Love the cover! Kinda like what they used to do with the original Virginia Andrews’ books, but this is infinitely more classy.

    Keris I bought this book last week after reading the first sentence of this post and I am hooked! Wow can this woman tell a story! Fantastic 🙂 Hope the writing is going well xx

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