An apology…

My blog has been very boring lately. I know, I know. All I’ve managed is the Popcorn Dialogues stuff (which I imagine is more interesting/useful for me than it is for you!) and the Gallery. It’s just that I’m writing a book. And I haven’t got much time left. And it’s the summer hols. And, you know, there’s all that twittering I have to do… *whistles guiltily*

Anyhoo. Next week there will be A BIG CONTEST. And then, in September, once Harry’s back at school and the book is finished (I really hope the book will be finished), I resolve to be a better blogger. Please keep reading.

[Duchovny picture has nothing to do with the post. I just included it because a) it makes me laugh and b) I thought it might distract you.]


8 thoughts on “An apology…

  1. Well there’s no need to apologies that you’re busy… but Mr Duchovny is always welcome, particularly wearing such an outfit!

  2. Hey! That’s just an old photo you’ve dragged out and done different blurb to. But I LIKE your Popcorn!! Please don’t stop it…. Thanx! 🙂 xx♥

  3. Ha! I remember you posting this pic before too – you titled it “The Truth is IN There” and I kept it and occasionally have it as a desktop doodah (when Del’s not watching)! Distracted, me?

  4. I disagree with the people above – if you’re going to include naked men in your apology – you do need to do it. And please do it more often.
    Glad you’re getting on with the book – I’m looking forward to reading it!

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