This has been me for the past few weeks, but I’m done! DONE! Well until I get feedback from beta readers, agent, editor, etc. But I’m DONE FOR NOW!

And I’m really happy with it. It’s called Jessie β™₯ NYC, it’s set in New York and it’s an unapologetic romance. I really hope people are going to like it.

But now that the book’s done (for now), I need to do all the things I’ve totally ignored while I’ve been writing. Like housework and paying bills. But first I’m having a week (sort of) off. This week I will be mostly watching films and reading books. And tweeting (of course).

[Picture by Blanca Gomez whose illustrations I ADORE]


16 thoughts on “Finished!

  1. Huge congrats! This is good news indeed. Can’t wait to read the book – especially cos NYC is one of my very favourite places (did I mention I’m going there in a couple of weeks…?).

    So when are you starting on the next book? (KIDDING!)

  2. Congrats, dear Keris!
    Hope itΒ΄s going to be a huge success (IΒ΄m sure it will be)! CanΒ΄t wait to read it.
    Enjoy your week off.

  3. Well done you! I am seriously excited about reading it, and I’m sure all the feedback will be hugely positive. Enjoy your week of relaxing (cleaning? Pah!) πŸ™‚

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