Glorious New York apartment

I’m rather obsessed with New York at the moment. Actually I’m always rather obsessed with New York, but at the moment I’m watching and reading as much New York-based stuff as I can. Partly it’s for the book – even though it’s finished in theory, it’ll come back a few more times before it’s really finished – but partly it’s just because the more New York I get, the more I want.

With that in mind, I’ve just been drooling over these amazing pictures on From Me To You, which is the most gorgeous blog (do click over – there are LOADS more photos).


5 thoughts on “Glorious New York apartment

  1. Central park view? I could totally curl up on that green couch. The phone is totally cute. The galley kitchen while cute would totally drive me crazy. I need space. The bright areas are awesome though.

    1. I know, the kitchen is so tiny, isn’t it? I know NY kitchens are small, but I was still surprised. It’s bigger than our kitchen though!

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