Scoring with Len Goodman (*fnar*)

So on the Dancing With the Stars results show, Len did a segment about how he scores.

For a 1 – Just show up

For a 2 – Move one foot

For a 3 – Move both feet

For a 4 – Get from the start of the dance to the end of the dance

For a 5 – Bit of musicality

For a 6 – Len has got to start to see potential. For Len, a 6 is a C. It’s average

For a 7 – Starting to see improvement. Some chemistry. Far more good than bad.

For an 8 – Get on with the dance (no messing about). Confidence. Starting to drive the dance.

For a 9 – “Now you’re really cookin’!”

And for a 10 – Great technique, great performance, chemistry, personality. And an X Factor (though he didn’t call it that, obviously.)

It was a little tongue-in-cheek, but I also found it pretty interesting. What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Scoring with Len Goodman (*fnar*)

    1. He always really gets on my wick. I don’t agree with this scoring, but I guess it makes sense? As an alternative to what Craig does?

  1. We saw Len at the airport in Wednesday, he was actually quite nice! I have no opinion on what he’s like on SCD though, don’t watch it!

  2. I love the judges on scd. (Apart from Aleisha – she really gets on my nerves), but the others are fab. Entertaining, especially Bruno. Haven’t watched scd yet, about to go and watch on catch up, so will make a note!

  3. I love Len! He’s all about tongue-in-cheek. After all, ‘e’s a cheeky cockney, ain’t ‘eee?? He’s absolutely triffic!! (And, like Suzi, I don’t watch it either) (now).

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