I want an American school desk

When I was a kid, I really wanted an old-fashioned school desk. You know, the lift-up one with the inkwell. Eventually I got one and I loved it. Have utterly no idea what happened to it, which is annoying.

But then, when I was a teenager and obsessed with American culture, I really wanted a US-style desk, with a swing-around writing table. I’ve used one since, but I’d love one at home. Would be brilliant for writing in front of the TV. I think. Anyway, I particularly love this one, since it’s got the storage underneath the seat. Genius.

It’s £195 – ouch – from Pedlars.


10 thoughts on “I want an American school desk

  1. Oo yeah. That’s brilliant. Bit hard on the bum though. I think there’s a flip table device that can be added to more comfy chairs on amazon.

  2. That one actually looks like left-handers could use it. I hate the ones with an arm rest on the right. Charlotte says these are the most uncomfortable things ever, haha!

  3. This desk looks fab, a bit retro but v. uncomfortable! I agree with Angie, as it does look like a desk lefties could use. I hated uni as all of the desks were for right handed people. Boo 😦

  4. Actually, I remember these being super comfortable, at least until I was a certain height and it became difficult to get in and out. This one is definitely more fashionable than the ones I sat in.

  5. We found loads of old chairs and desks in the school loft recently! I need to contact Pedlars to see if they want to buy them off us!

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