Carless Whispers*

I don’t think I’ve mentioned (not here, at least, I’ve certainly moaned about it everywhere else) that we’re having to manage with no car, have I?

We decided that we didn’t need two cars and could manage perfectly well with one. We got rid of my car. And, for a couple of weeks, it was all good. And then David’s car packed up. So now we are carless. Car-free. Without wheels. It’s no picnic, but I’m making the best of it by writing a column about it for LittleStuff. Click on the pic to go right there.

* Don’t blame me, David came up with that one


One thought on “Carless Whispers*

  1. We’ve been a one-car family for about four years. I really don’t miss it in the slightest. Previous to that, we rarely used both cars at once.

    Right now our remaining car is on its last legs, which makes me nervous. There is zero access to public transportation here, and the only thing within walking distance is a tiny gas station store that doesn’t even have enough food to make lunch. And the bank is twenty miles away! So I’m just hoping it’ll hold out until Spring, when we can afford a new one.

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