Usborne Lift-the-flap Picture Atlas

Today is National Non-fiction Day and, to celebrate, Usborne Books very kindly sent me this Lift-the-flap Picture Atlas.

Harry’s recently started getting more interested in other countries, but unfortunately I’m utterly rubbish at geography and so I frequently fail miserably to answer his questions. (“When we get home, we’ll Google it, okay?”)

But this book is wonderful. The illustrations of the countries are cute and detailed, but still accessible and then, under the flaps, you find even more detail, along with more illustrations. For example, under a flap with a picture of a Mayan city ruin, it says “Mayans build massive pyramids over 1,500 years ago. Many are decorated with elaborate carvings.” That’s plenty of information for Harry to be going on with. If something sparks his interest, we can look into it further, of course, but this way he’s not overwhelmed.

At the back of the book, in a pocket, is a world map along with the national flag for every country. Harry used to be completely obsessed with flags, but he’s forgotten most of them now, so that will be great for his bedroom wall.

What’s that? Do I have a video showing Harry’s obsession with flags? Funny you should ask… (in case it’s not clear, “Checky-a-bucky” is “The Czech Republic”).



5 thoughts on “Usborne Lift-the-flap Picture Atlas

  1. I love that video so much. My E has had a real interest in flags since watching the World Cup earlier in the year, I find it amazing how much information he can store as well. I was just commenting on Chicklish this morning that I think an atlas would be a great thing for him. He’s always asking geography questions about his family that lives all over the place and sometimes I just don’t know what to tell him!

    1. Thanks! I don’t remember him being so little! His cute little voice!

      It amazes me how much they can learn when they’re interested, isn’t it? 🙂

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