Kiss a Kindle

I’ve wanted a Kindle for a while. I don’t really need one, but I definitely wanted one. I wanted to be able to download books immediately (this may be dangerous). I wanted to be able to read my own manuscripts as if they were, you know, real books. Mainly, I just wanted one. I mean… they’re so cool!

But I struggled with shelling out the £149. So I decided I’d buy myself an Amazon voucher every time I got paid. I bought myself one for £10 to start myself off and I tweeted that I was 7.5% on my way to a Kindle.

And then, a couple of days later, I got an Amazon voucher from someone else. One of my Twitter friends. It came with a message that made me cry. I couldn’t believe she’d been so lovely. A few minutes later, I got another voucher. From another Twitter friend, again with a lovely message saying she’d wanted to help me on my way to getting my Kindle. I was gobsmacked. And then… another one. I had a little cry. And I sent some emails.

And I learned that it had been Emma‘s idea. Lovely Emma who I’ve never even met had emailed some Twitter friends and suggested they might like to send me some Amazon vouchers. And they did. And I cannot tell you how happy it made me. Not just cos I got my Kindle (woo!), but because they cared enough to do it. They took the time and they spent their money and they wrote lovely messages and… it’s just overwhelming. I still can’t really believe it. I feel completely blessed.

So I wanted to say thank you. Thank you to lovely Emma for the idea. And thank you to Emma, Fiona and someone who would prefer to remain nameless (!) for the vouchers. I can’t tell you how much it means to me.


13 thoughts on “Kiss a Kindle

  1. Oh Keris

    This is pure magic. I am so happy for you. And also…what an incredibly clever idea from Emma and everyone else. Just goes to show what a bit of clever thinking and generosity can do to cheer up everyone.

  2. I’m so glad you got your Kindle. I bought my wife one for her birthday and she is in love with it. Probably one of the most appreciated presents I have ever bought her. Now I want one. So does my son – all top of our Christmas lists,

    I think its great these kind people sent you the vouchers. It helps me restore my faith in human kindness and generosity – when there’s so much of the complete opposite in abundance in the world,

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