200 days away

I absolutely adored Amy Krouse Rosenthal‘s sort-of memoir Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life and one of her (many) children’s books, Yes Day, is a favourite of Harry’s. A while ago, I read an article she wrote for O Magazine (my fave) about turning 40. I can’t quite believe it was four years ago, but it was, because when David’s big 4-0 was coming up – and with mine in mind – I found it* and re-read it.

And then I found that Amy had scanned it in and put it up on her website, which is great because I’ve wanted to share it with people, but my scanner’s not up to the job. So here it is: Half Life. Read it. It’s wonderful.

* Rather than look through my nine years’ worth of O mags, I tweeted @missamykr and asked her what month it ran. She very kindly let me know.

{Photo via Chronicle Books}