The smallest member of our family

Harry has *heart eyes* for Apple

The other morning on the way to school, Harry asked me to tell him the story of our family. So I said there was a girl who met a boy and they fell in love and got married and then, after a while they decided to have a baby and that was Harry and then, a few years later, they realised they’d like another baby and so they had Joe. And they were all really, really happy.

“And then,” Harry said, “they got the iPod Touch and they all loved it very much, but it braked and they sent it back to Apple and got a new one and they all lived happily ever after.”



14 thoughts on “The smallest member of our family

  1. Sometimes, when Dave or I wake up and say ‘good morning!’, the other of us says ‘where’s the iPod Touch?’*. Classic, hilarious, gorgeous Harry! 😀 ❤

    *In a sweet, lilting, Harry accent, naturally!

  2. Very cute, very smart and very funny. I definitely think Harry deserves his own twitter account – and I would also buy the book of his quotes!

  3. And he should! I have them for mine too. Angry Birds has become an new fun addiction thanks to some tweeter saying I had to have it.

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