Harry the writer

Sorry to trot this out again, particularly for Writing Wednesday, but I just haven’t got time for a proper post. I will next week, I promise.

Harry asked me what the book I was writing was about. I told him it was about three women who were friends, but then had a falling out. The rest is all him…



8 thoughts on “Harry the writer

  1. Oh that is adorable. How have I not seen this before? Harry obviously watches you in action rather a lot!!

    I am a big fan of Harry. What a star!


  2. Aw! 🙂 Such talent and intelligence 🙂
    Also I never expect the accent 🙂 It’s so much nicer than my Nadine Coyle special :S

    1. My accent, Fiona? What is it? I’ve moved so many times…

      You can hear Harry’s Blackburn accent on this though, when he says, “Girrrrrl” 🙂

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