The school walk

One of the benefits of being carless is doing the school run on foot. Not only do I have the most fantastic conversations with Harry, but we also get to walk along the canal, which is very pretty and different every day. Today it was foggy…

… and then five minutes later, it had brightened up a bit:

Gah! This post wasn’t supposed to end so abruptly! WordPress must’ve eaten my last bit without me realising. What I said was it’s been great for really appreciating the changing seasons, plus we get to chat a lot about trees and birds and ducks. Today it was why holly is spiky. I said it was to stop birds eating the berries. Really must google and find out if I was right…


10 thoughts on “The school walk

  1. Ah…me too! Struggled with Cloud Atlas a bit I must admit, but do adore Peep Show. Little bird told me it’s BACK very soon!

  2. Ha ha – see how Keris #2 cleverly avoided the ‘how do you feel about *the object of my intelligent affections* query?!
    Love these photos… esp. the last one with the mist and path and the tree and the barge – can I pinch it for my screen saver please (I’m even tempted to turn it into a canvas print it’s so beautiful – do I need to get permission or something?)

  3. That looks so lovely, If we walked to school, my photos would be of moody teenagers, cars, litter & dog poo!

  4. Clearly you should not use a car at all to take the children to school. The countryside is beautiful, the fresh air and the exercise is good for both you and your children. Its also good for the environment.

    Far too many people take their children to school in cars when in reality they are just too lazy to walk! My parents never had a car, so I never knew what it was like to be taken in a car. I either walked, rode my bike, or took the bus.

    1. Well, that’s only the last quarter of the walk, Steve, the rest ain’t so pretty. It’s great when the weather’s not so bad, but when it’s raining walking for 5 miles (it’s 1.3 miles to school and I got there and back twice) is no picnic.

      I was talking to one of the other mums this morning and she said said she lives a quarter of a mile from school and yet still drives. It’s outrageous really.

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