Monday night is TV night

Last night I was a very happy bunny indeed. Because not only did I get to see one of my (many) TV husbands looking mean and moody (and narky and grumpy) in Accused (that’s Christopher Eccleston in case you didn’t watch it… or know me at all), it was also the first episode of the second series of Miranda. How I love Miranda. Yes, it’s cheesy and silly, but it’s just so joyful. It makes me very happy. I laughed like a drain all the way through.

And then, to recover from the misery-fest that was Accused – I tuned out every now and then and just thought about how foxy Eccleston looked in his checked shirt and jeans – we watched The Trip. I can’t tell  you how much I love The Trip. Okay, I’ll have a go. I think it’s properly brilliant about the nature of fame and celebrity. I think it’s properly brilliant about the nature of male friendship (a lot of dick-swinging…). It makes the north look completely gorgeous (as, of course, much of it is) and it also gives me plenty of opportunites to shout “We’ve been there!” Although we haven’t actually eaten in any of the establishments they’ve visited so far and I haven’t even been tempted by any of them. They all look quite nice, but I haven’t seen anything I’d be willing to shell out £140 for. Also? It makes me laugh a lot. And Steve Coogan is surprisingly sexy. What more could you ask for on a Monday night?

What have you been watching lately?


6 thoughts on “Monday night is TV night

  1. I haven’t seen “The Trip” – will catch up on it later. I do have to say though what a brilliant actor Christopher Eccleston is. Hi portrayal of John Lennon was nothing short of genius!

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