The one with the conscientious computer monitor

Harry has a really bad cough.

Me: “I think you should stay off today.”

Harry: “Stay off? What does that mean, stay off?”

Me: “Not go to school. Stay home with me and Joe. What do you think?”

Harry: “Okay.”

Me: “So you’re not going to go to school then?”

Harry: “No. That means I get you all morning?!”

Me: *melts*

Five minutes later

Harry: “But on Fridays we do Activities.”

Me: “Oh. And you don’t want to miss it?”

Harry: “Well if I’m not there, I don’t know who will get the computers out and switch them on!”

Me: “I’m sure Mrs B– can find someone else to help her, just this once.”

Harry: “Okay. But I think someone will still switch them off with the internet connected and you’re not allowed to do that!”

Me: “Well… do you want to go in then?”

Harry [resigned]: “No. That’s okay.”


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