Computer down! Computer down!

So. My lovely Mac started playing up Saturday. I had mild panic and swiftly backed up some stuff. By Saturday night it was as good as dead. Just a blue screen and a small grinding noise.

Someone’s coming out today. Hopefully they’ll be able to fix it, if not I really hope they can get everything off it (music, photos, some book notes and old drafts). I am quite good about keeping lots of stuff online, but certainly not everything.

And if it can’t be saved, it’s new computer time for me, which, even though I can’t afford one, gives me a little frisson of excitement. Mmmmm… New computer…

So I’m not going to be around much. I can get at email on my old computer, but not much else works. (Twitter doesn’t work! *flails with withdrawal symptoms*)

On the upside, I’ll get to catch up on NaNoWriMo.

The downside is that the next draft of my book was due today.


8 thoughts on “Computer down! Computer down!

  1. How did you manage to wriggle out of the deadline?! Were your agent/editor understanding about the utter Computer Fail?

    Hope things kickstart again – it’s maddening to be in that position!

    1. I haven’t yet, Sangu. I emailed her yesterday, but haven’t heard back yet. It was fairly arbitrary anyway – I’m going down for a meeting on Thursday and she wanted to read it before then. It’ll be done by the end of this week either way, I should think. If it’s not fixable, I’ll have a new one to do it on.

  2. You are the second person this week I know of with a u/s Mac, I have had a £350 Laptop PC from Staples for years now without a single problem. My friend has been quoted £700 repair for her Mac laptop. She could buy 2 PCs for that! The moral is ditch the Mac and get a PC. Mine’s a Toshiba. I’ve stuck a Mac “Apple” transfer on the lid so I can always pretend its a Mac!

    1. Steve, I had PCs for years at work and at home and they were all a complete nightmare. I would never go back (you know what they say: once you’ve had Mac…).

      Yes, it’s a shame it’s packed up altogether, but my PC did the same and before that it crashed and gave me issues every single day. I haven’t had a single problem with the Mac until, you know, it came to what may turn out to be its natural end. (*sniff*)

  3. RIP, Keris’s Mac. I hope it’s *memory* will linger on. Properly. In a new machine. (eeew… getting a bit Frankensteinian now)

  4. Oh no!

    I know the feeling of a computer going down and yes PC’s are just as bad when it comes to failing (if not worse 😉 )

    My laptop died the beginning of the year, mind you the screen was pink for months before that but then whilst I was in the middle of something the screen suddenly went blank rendering it useless! We’ve had PC’s which have slowed to a snail pace and becoming useless and some which wouldn’t even start up after a while lol.

    Hope you get everything sorted soon (and it’s a nice excuse for a new one) 😀

    1. Thanks, Jesse. Yes, the bloke this morning said Macs are generally much more reliable. He said the only time he gets called out to them is when they, you know, die 😦

      He didn’t seem very hopeful of repairing it, but we’ll see.

  5. I just love Mac anyway…and fortunately still never had a problem so far. But already noted your case… Thanks in advance 🙂

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