Dirty Dancing With the Stars

I’ve absolutely loved this season of Dancing With the Stars and I really loved Jennifer Grey’s freestyle. Yes, she was a bit of a diva and cried and complained a lot, but a) she did have lots of physical issues and b) she’s 50 and she outdanced everyone else on the show. I’d like to say “If I could look like that at 50…” but I didn’t look like that at 15, so I’ve no chance.

Mainly I just love that she carried a melon 🙂


18 thoughts on “Dirty Dancing With the Stars

  1. That was so impressive!

    I woudn’t have recognised her if you hadn’t said she was Jennifer Grey. She must have had a lot of work done.

    I bet there are a lot of 50 year olds out there who will be very jealous of her not only having that figure but dancing with that young boy as well ;o)

    1. Rebecca, I don’t know if she’s had a lot done, but she had her nose done (obviously) and it made such a difference. Apparently the surgeon was only meant to smooth out a bump, but ended up making her completely unrecognisable. Apparently it pretty much ruined her career and I think she sued the surgeon (don’t know if she won though). Before the show, she went to get her neck checked out, because she’d had problems with it for years, and they found she had a tumour on her spine. So, yeah, she’s had a lot to deal with. She got on my nerves, but I’m still glad she won.

  2. Ber-luddy heck – is she REALLY 50?! She is still an amazing dancer – you can kinda ‘see’ the original ‘her’ in her smile and I LOVED the entrance with the geeky dress and the melon – contrived, but brilliant! But then doesn’t our own Pamela Stephenson look great for 61?!

  3. She looks fabulous and all but I just didn’t get that dance at all. What was the watermelon for? Did I miss something?

    1. It’s from Dirty Dancing, Stella. When she first goes to the party and she says, “I carried a melon” and then beats herself up for saying it.

  4. Oh, I remember that now. Have seen Dirty Dancing more times than is good for me but Grease is my all-singing all-dancing movie exravaganza of choice.

    Still, I thought the footwork in the dance was a bit dodgy.

    1. Yep, he’s the first to get a hat trick. Mark Ballas has won twice and was in the final too (with Bristol Palin, the poor love).

  5. I’ve just watched this in the computer room on my own & clapped and cheered at the end – weirdo?

    I’ve never seen the DWTS show but feel I’ve missed out now.

    1. Ha! I clapped too the second time I saw it, but I was watching it with Harry so I didn’t feel quite so daft.

      Don’t tell anyone, but I actually prefer DWTS to Strictly. No Bruce for a kick-off…

  6. Oh, God, I LOVED her! I was so happy she won! I think she wanted it so badly, and she was emotional because of Patrick and because she was frustrated with her body for not doing what she wanted it to do. Gutsy, gutsy woman–and 50?!?!?! How the hell did THAT happen?


    1. I know, Gabrielle, but I found her a bit fake. I never really felt like she showed her real personality. Amazing dancer, though.

      1. Well, maybe coz her personality isn’t like Baby’s and she thinks people will judge her because of that? I think there’s a real broad lurking beneath there. Like Florence Henderson. I *loved* seeing Mrs. Brady flashing her white bra and dropping the f bomb, classic. BTW, have you got Raising Hope on TV there? Cloris Leachman wandering around in her bra–and sometimes without it–is simply fearless.

  7. Oh, I LOVED it! So feelgood and fabulous. Maybe it was a bit looser with the footwork than a normal dance would be, but it was a well-performed routine and great choreography (Derek Hough is THE BEST, in my opinion). Loved the music too, and the Dirty Dancing tribute feel. Just great.

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