Round the world with kids

No, not us, unfortunately. I can’t remember how I discovered Victoria Wallop, but I’ve been following her on Twitter and reading her blog for a while now. For as long as I’ve been reading her, she’d been planning a round the world trip with her partner and three young children and, last month, they headed off.

I can’t tell you how envious I was. And am. Not least because they’re currently in Hawaii and it’s hot. But I just love the idea of heading off on an adventure with the boys. I want them to experience new cultures, meet new people, learn about the world. And it would be such a wonderful experience to look back on in the future.

I have talked to Harry about doing a US trip, similar to the one me and David did in 2001 (but with more money) and he loves the idea, but said, sensibly, “Maybe when Joe’s a bit older.” So that’s what I’m hoping. Maybe in three or four years we can do it and in the meantime I’ll just continue to envy – and be inspired by – Victoria’s trip.

{Photo used with Victoria’s kind permission}

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