When Harry grows up…

… can you tell what he wants to be?

David reported that Harry said he wanted to be a “judgerer” on Strictly Come Dancing, but he was doing him a disservice – it’s a “judge” he wants to be. His favourite’s Bruno. Or sometimes Alesha.

He’s slightly concerned that he’d have to be a dancer first – he’d rather go straight to judging – but he doesn’t see this as insurmountable (he’s a great dancer).

If you’re interested, his favourites this season have been Ann and Anton (*shudder*), but he now wants Kara and Artem to win. He’s not confident they will though. Like me, he thinks Pamela and James may pip them to the mirrorball trophy.


5 thoughts on “When Harry grows up…

  1. My 7 yr old daughter is an avid fan too. She bought the Strictly Dress up and Dance set (was half price on Tesco site!) with her pocket money – dedication… and it comes with score paddles as well as a dvd where Laila and Darren teach you 3 different dances – we did try and learn them but I blame the height difference, a bit like Anton and Anne, that was their fundamental problem… 😉

  2. Oh that boy of yours! He looks FAB as a Judgerer and I would tune in just to see him perform this feat, he’s a bloody star that Harry!

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