How I finally “got” Robert Pattinson

Obviously, I was aware of Robert Pattinson. Obviously I know he’s a big teen heartthrob. But I haven’t seen the Harry Potter films in which he plays Cedric Diggory and I haven’t seen any Twilight movies, so I couldn’t see the appeal.

But a while ago, my friend Clodagh Murphy told me to watch Remember Me. I can’t quite remember why, but she said it was good and so I listened (despite knowing that me and Clodagh tend to have opposite tastes in pretty much everything). I think she also said it would make me see the appeal of RPattz so, knowing me, I probably saw that as a challenge. Ha.

Oh I saw the appeal. I saw the appeal almost instantly. After about fifteen minutes, I was thanking god I’m no longer 14 and not going to get completely obsessed and, you know, go and wait outside his house for months on end. He’s yummy.

And I loved the film too. It wasn’t what I was expecting and it left me a bit WTAF?! But it was an excellent way to spend a couple of hours on a freezing cold Thursday morning.

(Thanks, Clodagh! You’re still wrong about black pudding though…)


2 thoughts on “How I finally “got” Robert Pattinson

  1. Yeppers, he’s hot. His role is so small in Harry Potter but the lighting makes him beautiful. I wasn’t going to watch the Twilight movies then all of a sudden I was and couldn’t stop. He’s the main reason.

  2. Was only this evening waxing lyrical about the RPat’s beauty in the HP films as opposed to his simpering shiny ways in the Twilight bilge. As Moe says, ’tis the lighting – probably.

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