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Since my operation last week I have inexplicably gone off chocolate. It may be because one of the first things I ate post-op was a Lindor chocolate from the box sent to me by my lovely friend Anne-Marie. And the next thing I did after eating it was throw up. Violently. That didn’t stop me eating the rest of the Lindor chocs a couple of days later (how do they make the middle so melty? How?!) and it didn’t stop me eating a Twirl the other day. Or having a bag of Snow Bites in front of me right now. But I kind of feel “meh” about chocolate. I feel –  and no one who knows me will believe this, I barely believe it myself – like I can take it or leave it. I know!

So when a box arrived yesterday from Hotel Chocolate’s Chocolate Tasting Club, I actually felt my heart sink a little. Mainly because I realised I hadn’t actually cancelled the subscription after getting a tasting box and so the box would also contain a bill for around twenty quid, but also because I knew I didn’t really want them. But I also knew that I’d end up eating them. And then probably feeling bad about it.

I rang the Chocolate Tasting Club and told them that I thought I’d cancelled my subscription, but what I’d actually cancelled was the Christmas Box, which is in addition to the monthly box. They were apologetic and told me the person I spoke to should have asked me if I’d wanted to continue my subscription. I said I should have realised. They said, “Oh no, it’s us, it’s not you.” And then they said they were cancelling the £17.95 charge, but I could keep the box.

How’s that for customer service? I was really impressed. So I tweeted about it. And Rosalind Adam pointed out that there were plenty of people on Twitter (and elsewhere) who hadn’t inexplicably gone off chocolate. And so I decided to give them away.

So if you’d like to be in with a chance to win a box of chocolates from The Chocolate Tasting Club (not sure what chocs are in there, since I haven’t opened the box), then just leave a comment on this post before midnight (GMT) tonight (Friday 17 December). Tomorrow I’ll pick a winner at random and get them sent off asap.


24 thoughts on “WIN! Chocolate Tasting Club chocolate selection

  1. I feel so proud to have initiated this competition and good luck to all my fellow competitors. But on a more serious note, commiserations to you for going off chocolate. It’s one of those sweets that’s more than a sweet. It’s an obsession. I do hope that when you’re better you can return to the happy world of choco-obsessiveness.

    Get well soon 🙂

  2. Oooh yay! I have to enter this. Because I can’t start the club until the end of Jan since they’ve got so many orders already!

    (although I have bought some chocolate in compensation, I’d quite like this for my family so we can have fun tasting them!)

  3. Okay, this is NOT a double entry. I’m not cheating – but would like to add I really hope you get better and enjoy chocolate again soon. Not liking something unexpectedly isn’t fun (got a low appetite and I love food! Not so much at the moment).

    You take care, and treat yourself in other ways. Nice tea/coffee perhaps?

  4. I once went off chocolate for a short while whilst not well and it really upset me! It was like chocolate impotence or something! Glad to say I regained my unhealthy and utterly greedy love of it.

  5. I feel it’s my civic duty to help out. I went off strong coffee when I was pregnant so I share your pain. (BTW the desire for the espresso never came back, sadly. Just Nescafe these days…)

  6. I’d love to enter (hey, it’s chocolate).

    I’m sorry to hear about your chocectomy though, I can’t quite imagine what it must be like to suddenly not really want chocolate :-/

  7. Dear Keris. I am an avid consumer of your blog which, like thickly-coated, luscious chocolate makes me salivate like a Pavolvian dog every time a nugget lands in my inbox. As a girl with curves (we’re talking in all the wrong places!) I wallow daily in your fat free wit and wisdom because there are none of the calories, but all the taste of a great big champagne truffle! I am stunned by the kindness of someone who can actually give away such a glamorous and delicious gift of pure chocolate (it’s a big risk – after all you may wake tomorrow and not be chocolately-challenged and have to post those bad boys without a tear… respect!) I have just finished my first novel and as a fellow writer you will undertsand that I want to dance on tables, drink champagne, sleep with unsuitable toy boys and eat fabulous chocolate. As a writer of course, i can’ afford to do any of the above and my husband won’t let me do the toyboy thing – so I would be eternally indebted to you for such a sweet and indulgent reward. x

    1. Haha! What a fabulous comment – thank you! And a massive well done for finishing your first novel. That’s brilliant.

      After discovering RPattz yesterday, the sleeping with unsuitable toy boys thing holds much more appeal than chocolate. Although I’m not sure he’d be interested until I get my stitches out, at least…

  8. It doesn’t suprise me that you’re giving them away, you’ve always been one of the most generous, and if you’ll allow me to say, gorgeous people I’ve ever known.

    And just like the chocolate that one of your lucky blog readers will win, you’re very sweet etc…

    (Do I win yet?)

  9. Oh no! I’m sorry the Lindor made you throw up 😦 (you didn’t mix it with the wasabi peas, now did you?). Mind you, we’ve got so much in the office I’m rapidly going off chocolate myself.

    1. Oh no, it wasn’t the Lindor that made me sick, it was the anaesthetic. The Lindor may not have been the best choice for the first thing to eat after… (but there wasn’t much else on offer!).

  10. Keris, what an awful affliction to be ‘off’ chocolate. I am happy to say that chocolate is one of items I most definately have not gone off this pregnancy. For the sake of me and my baby we would love some chocolate!

    Hope you are feeling better!


  11. I’m breastfeeding at the moment, so need the extra calories and I’ll happily take them off your hands!
    Hope you feel better very soon though – when I was pregnant I went off chocolate and it was horrible. It did return though and I’ve been making up for it ever since.

  12. Let’s just return to RPattz. and unsuitable toyboys (pleeese?) ….I am still pre-RPattz obsession as you were only yesterday. I have to see Remember Me because, like you I need to know what he’s all about. I always felt the same about Justin Timberlake, what was the big deal? … until the Facebook film and … oh Yesss ….yesss!

  13. Hello Mrs. Stainton. One advantage of sending me chocolates, that I too live in Lancashire, so you wouldn’t have to send it far. Cheers 😛

  14. Keris! I never win anything, not even America’s Next Top Model, so chocolate is something I DESERVE. And remember when I was ill and wasn’t allowed to eat any food containing fat? I’m better now and need to replenish my poor depleted body…
    Hope you get well soon too!

  15. Ooh, yes, this is a contest I can get VERY excited about. 🙂

    But I hope your chocolate love returns soon! And I hope you’re recovering well from surgery.

  16. I’m really jealous of your affliction. Anaesthesia can do weird things to a body! You may recover, or you may instead discover a love of fresh vegetable crudites *shudders*. Personally, I cannot eat just any old chocolate, not even if I’m desperate. But – those chocolates in the picture, now THEY are my kind of chocolate! They are for grown ups! And you really can’t get much more grown up than me, now can you? 🙂 xx

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