Twelve (ish) books of Christmas Day Five: Gripping Fiction

I hadn’t read any Jojo Moyes books before, but The Last Letter From Your Lover was sent to me for review and I’d heard people raving about it on Twitter, so I decided to give it a go and I think it was probably my favourite book of the year. Certainly my favourite adult book (as in not teen, rather than, you know, top shelf) of the year. The novel begins with journalist Ellie finding a letter from 1960 – written by a man asking his lover to leave her husband – and goes on to tell the story behind the letter. It’s brilliantly done, beautifully written, profoundly romantic and I didn’t want it to end. (It also made me do proper sobbing.) Just gorgeous.

You all know all about Emma Donoghue’s ROOM already, I imagine. I was worried about reading it because I can’t read anything about children in danger or pain, but friends told me it wasn’t like that and I’d love it. It was actually a bit like that – I had to scan over a few pages in particular because I just couldn’t bear it – but they were right, I did love it. Jack’s voice is brilliantly written and I found myself missing him once I’d finished reading.

(I pinched the 12 Books of Christmas idea – with permission – from Carly Bennett.)


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