Cheers, Dad

It’s Dad’s “send-off” today – he didn’t want a funeral so we’re going to the pub instead.

I’ll certainly be having a drink on his behalf. If you’d like to join me, his tipple was Southern Comfort.


20 thoughts on “Cheers, Dad

  1. He sounds like he was a fantastic character. I don’t have any Southern Comfort in, but I’ll certainly raise a glass to him this evening.

    Slainte, as they say in these northern parts.

  2. It’s never easy losing a parent, but as someone who cried through her own dad’s funeral years ago I have to say that was one of our worst days. What a wonderful idea of your dad’s to do without all the archaic funeral stuff and just have you all enjoy your memories over a drink. Cheers to your dad. x

  3. Lovely idea Keris…. !!! and I LOVE Southern Comfort too !! I’ll have a drink this evening though, they frown on Southern Comfort for breakfast around here! 😀

  4. That sounds a great idea, Keris! I’ll raise a glass and remember my own dear old Dad at the same time.

  5. Will do, my lovely. I’ll raise a snifter of Baileys to him… good idea NOT to have a funeral, they’re always such gloomy affairs. I got completely plastered at my dad’s 6 years ago (not during it, I don’t mean) and felt SO guilty afterwards for behaving so drunkenly (although he’d have loved it). Bottoms up x

  6. Hope the sendoff was filled with many happy memories. Also hope your dad doesn’t mind being toasted with a glass of cheap wine – it’s all I’ve got.

  7. I wish I had seen this yesterday.
    I will have a toast to your Dad this evening – I don’t like Southern Comfort but will toast him in Peroni 😀
    What name should I make the toast in????

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