Meet SuperHarry!

A couple of weeks ago walking to school, Harry told me had he a dream in which we – Harry, Joe, David and I – were superheroes. David had laser eyes, I could run really really fast, I can’t remember what Joe’s was and Harry’s was “coughing up green furballs.”

I told him that didn’t sound like much of a superpower and he said that when he coughed them onto the baddies, the baddies turned into superheroes. Now I don’t know much about superheroes, but I’ve never heard of one whose superpower is turning the baddies into superheroes, have you?

This morning, Harry told me about his “Superhero Team” at school. Harry is Superman, there are two Dinosaur-heroes, a Princess and a Starlina (or Star-leaner, it wasn’t clear). Together, they fight evil. Non-specific evil. Every day.

Do you feel safer now? Do you?


3 thoughts on “Meet SuperHarry!

  1. Fabulous! So many of them focus on the specific evils and forget about the non-specific ones, I’m glad Harry and his merry band of heroes are there to pick up the slack šŸ™‚

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