Introducing The Big Zeroes

I may have mentioned (once or twice…) that I’m 40 this year. Turns out a few of my friends are also celebrating big birthdays in 2011. And so we decided to get together for a group blog.

It’s called The Big Zeroes and we – me, Erin, Jacqui, Clodagh and Bridget – have put up lists of what we plan to achieve/experience this year. For each of us, there are the same number of items on our list as years in the birthdays we’re celebrating. In other words, Erin has 30, Bridget has 60 and the rest of us are in between.

As we go through the year and (hopefully!) tick items off, we’ll be writing about it over there. We’d love to hear what you think.

(I’m going to be posting my stuff here too.)


3 thoughts on “Introducing The Big Zeroes

  1. Hi, it’s a brilliant idea and it’s interesting that so many itemsbetween you all are similar especially organising photos and doing a family tree. Two things I want to do too. Good luck with all of them (especially number 36!)

  2. Oh, I love the name! I hope this leads to some great things for you all.
    And I wish I wasn’t just turning a boring 32. Pah.

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