One Month Before Heartbreak

This morning, Catherine Hughes, who I know online, tweeted the link to this Guardian article about the consultation on changes to the disability living allowance (DLA). I read it and it made me feel angry. And sad. And scared. So I tweeted it too.

I then got a message from Emma, who I know as @funkyfairy22 on Twitter, telling me that she is the founder of the One Month Before Heartbreak blog. I asked Emma what I could do (having emailed David Cameron and Jack Straw yesterday – about Respite for Riven – I’m obviously all riled up) and she said they want to get the word out on as many blogs, etc., as possible. So here we are.

I don’t have personal experience of disability* and so I feel like I can’t add anything to the incredibly eloquent and painful stories I’ve read in the above links, but I do think this is an incredibly important issue. Please click on the above links – maybe watch this video – and sign the petition. Thank you.

* My mum had MS and I know she struggled to get benefits, but that’s a long time ago now and I’ve no idea what she was claiming for so it’s not really relevant. (But I thought I’d mention it before anyone left a comment saying ‘Didn’t your mum have MS..?’)


8 thoughts on “One Month Before Heartbreak

  1. Hi Keris, thank you for doing this. The more people who do, the more the message will get out. What particularly upsets me is the impact of these cuts on disabled children, followed by my own personal bugbear about the difficulties disabled people have in working and how terrible the assumption of an even playing field actually is.

    Thank you.

    Cat x

    1. Catherine, you’re so welcome. I find it shocking that they’ve come up with a (presumably arbitrary) figure to cut without considering how that will affect those in receipt of the benefits.

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for blogging about this, I’ve signed the petition and will be spreading the word best I can.

  3. Me again!!

    I just wanted to let you know that I’ve now blogged about this as well – And I’ve just added another comment to the Guardian thread, basically asking people to keep talking. The more conversations are had about these issues – and you don’t have to be disabled to have an opinion; I tend to think of myself as incapacitated rather than disabled – the more those conversations will be noticed, especailly with the #ombh hashtag on Twitter to help us! And the more they are noticed, the more effect they will have.

    It’s a faint hope that we can change the government’s intentions. But I believe the only right thing to do is to try!

    Cat x

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this, Keris. I’m terrified by the project cuts, incredibly disheartened and horrified by the way the current government is treating disabled people as a group, and have felt really helpless about the whole thing – so it was really good at least to see the link to the petition, which I’ve now tweeted as well.

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