My Big Zero list

The reason I want to post the list here as well as over on The Big Zeroes is that I think over the next twelve months I’ll be asking you for your help with some of the items. So. Here it is:

Buy jewellery to commemorate the boys and the books

Subscribe to Coast magazine

Cook at least one meal each week


Take the boys to Parkgate for shrimps and ice cream (not together!)

Watch a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers film (Top Hat?)

Milk a cow

Spend my birthday in New York*

Visit Disneyland at Christmas

Get my Best Ever Body

Could it be this one?

Find a “signature” perfume

Take the boys camping

Read everything in my TBR pile

Catch up on all my online saved items

Meet at least one friend for lunch/dinner each month

Make a really good cheesecake

Eat pistachio ice cream with mini marshmallows

Try bacon or cheese chocolate and oysters

Spend the weekend in a VW camper van

Jodrell Bank

Go to Jodrell Bank

Organise my photos once and for all (on Flickr, scan in photos and slides)

Create a family gallery up the stairs

Learn to crochet

Write letters to people I admire and who inspire me

Make a family tree (with names at least)

Have a singing lesson

Buy and watch the complete Buffy (finally!)

Go to Hilbre Island

Chris and Pui

Take the boys to see Chris & Pui

See Avenue Q again

Celebrate our birthdays and anniversaries. Properly.

Buy fresh flowers at least once a month

Read Mary Oliver’s poetry

Not this Brazilian...

Perform a Random Act of Kindness once a week

Write a picture book for Harry and Joe

Learn about classical music

Have a Brazilian wax

Have a go on a potters wheel

Have a family portrait taken

Order a KFC bucket (just the once!)

Read The Collected Peanuts (and watch the cartoons too)

* and if I do, try the frozen custard at Shake Shack, and Nora Ephron’s cabbage strudel; see Promises, Promises and Love, Loss and What I Wore on Broadway; and obviously visit the settings from my book (squeak!)


3 thoughts on “My Big Zero list

  1. What a list! I can understand why you’ve included most of them… but milking a cow?!? That’s beyond me. Why would anyone want to kneel down at the rear end of a huge animal like that? Oh and good luck with your Brazilian!

    1. I can’t explain the cow thing, Rosalind, I’ve just wanted to do it for years. I think it may stem from seeing Milly do it in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers…

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