Fancy a brew?

A couple of weeks ago, Joe drank my leftover cold tea and it’s given him a taste for it.

The other day, on the way home from school, I said to Joe: “When we get home, we’ll have a cup of tea…” When we got home, as I wheeled him into the hall, Joe said, “Tea?!” (He pronounces it more like “Dheeeeee”.)

Then, another day, I said, “Shall we sit down and have a cup of tea?” Joe immediately climbed up on the sofa. “Dheeeeee?”

Both times I made him a very milky tea and gave it to him in his beaker. He prefers it out of a mug, but that’s just too stressful for me, so beaker it is.

At the weekend, he once again wanted my leftover tea in a mug and since he was sitting nicely next to me on the sofa, I gave it to him. On the coffee table in front of us, there was a biscuit. Joe pointed at the biscuit so I took the tea off him and gave him the biscuit. He wasn’t happy. So I took the biscuit away and gave him the tea. Still not happy. So I gave him both and told him to be very careful and to pick up the mug with two hands.

Joe picked up the mug by the handle, picked up the biscuit with his other hand and then dunked it. Amazing.

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13 thoughts on “Fancy a brew?

  1. Awwww, I remember those days – although they seem such a life time ago now! He is one beautiful little baba!

  2. It’s in the genes…When Judah was at nursery in Amsterdam they used to give the kids lukewarm Redbush tea to drink. Really good for them and gave him an early taste for tea.

  3. Ha copying his mum – clearly you do this a lot for him to copy it so well! One of my second-cousins at age 8 would go around the room drinking everyone’s tea & coffee dregs from the cups. Kids are odd!

  4. Oooh what a little grown up – I well remember the stress over NOT wanting Alice to hold anything that didn’t have a lid on it too. I was like a flippin tightrope walker most of the time, crikey knows how I survived it – I wouldn’t now.

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