Writing Wednesday: any questions?

I have – or at least I’m supposed to have – a regular ‘Writing Wednesdays’ feature. Except I can’t think of anything to write about.

Partly because I’m just rubbish at thinking of things to write about, but mainly (probably) because I’m writing a new book and when I’m writing a new book, the rest of my brain goes a bit foggy.

So do you have any burning writerly questions? Ask me anything! (But please do ask me something, so I don’t look like a total billy no-mates…)


4 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday: any questions?

  1. Have you ever met anyone, you may have loved them instantly or they just brushed you up in totally the wrong way, and thought, “I’m going to make you a character in a book one day!”?

    I was just thinking, you know if you met someone you really liked but their life was going all wrong, would you be tempted to write them a really lovely future, or for someone who was really horrible, you could write that they got what was coming to them. Know what I mean?

    Or, are your characters all just made up in your head and I’ve said too much?

    Now I’ve thought about that, I know loads of people I could get my revenge on (I shall wreak my rewengey!) on paper…….

  2. Thanks, Stella and Rebecca – will answer asap 🙂

    Debs, I’m afraid me and the sprog have eaten all the biscuits… (We bought Party Rings today. They did not last long.)

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