The light of the world

I don’t know when I first heard the light effect seen in this photo referred to as “God’s fingers” but whenever it was, I remember thinking that it felt right… even though I don’t believe in God.

Whenever I see it, it gives me a moment’s pause, brings me to the present and makes me think of life and death and The Universe.

But then today, driving home from the Trafford Centre of all places, Harry spotted the God’s Fingers effect and said, “I can see the light of the world and that means someone has died over there.”

Now Harry goes to a church school and so I assume associates this kind of light with picture he’s seen of Jesus and so I wasn’t too freaked out.

He went on: “I think it’s someone in that town over there. I think they’ve died now.”

Okay, I was a little freaked out. The calm way he said it – in his little, still-babyish voice – reminded me a bit of The Sixth Sense (actually it reminded me more of the Spaced parody of The Sixth Sense) and so it definitely did give me slight heebies, but mainly it did the same thing the light has done for a while: it made me pause. Someone may have been dying in that town over there, right at the very moment we were looking in that direction. And even if not there, obviously somewhere (lots of somewheres).

It made me think of that line from Spinal Tap: “Puts things into perspective…” “Yeah, too much f*cking perspective.” But I know I’ll think of it every time I see “God’s Fingers” from now on.

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5 thoughts on “The light of the world

  1. Oh, do you have a new car now?
    (Soz, I haven’t missed the point, it’s just that I’m a true blue athiest…)

  2. It’s going to be one of those moments from his childhood you’ll always remember, I expect. Kids are amazing. Interesting that he sees something very similar to you from that light.

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