Fishs Eddy (appears in Jessie)

There’s a shop in New York that I’ve been wanting to visit for ages. I actually walked past it last time I was there, but I was doing a 13-mile sponsored walk at the time and couldn’t stop. It’s a kitchen store called Fishs Eddy and it has the most fabulous stuff.

Obviously I love the New York Skyline Dinnerware, but I also love the Memo trays and mugs and the Central Park range, which is now deleted, sadly.  Apparently there’s a lot more stuff in the store than there is online, including vintage plates, etc. (There are some great photos here.) I really must go next time.

Anyway, I included something I’d seen on the Fishs Eddy site in Jessie ♥ NYC:

Jessie stared down at a place mat with a print of the Manhattan skyline around the edge.

If and when I do get to the store, that’s what I’ll be buying. (Along with the Carnival umbrella.) (And some Vintage Flower Storage Bowls.)

6 thoughts on “Fishs Eddy (appears in Jessie)

    1. Shauna, I cried a little bit in ABC Carpet & Home – just the most gorgeous shop. (I wanted to go there after seeing it on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy!)

  1. What a brilliant site/shop. I *so* want an ‘admit one’ tray and a skyline mat and a carnival umbrella. I love your Red Riding Hood mug, too, Shauna! Sigh. So many lovely things…

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