I should write a misery memoir…

My sister found this at Dad’s at the weekend:

The ‘lots of love to Daddy’ at the end suggests I’d already approached my mum with this issue and it hadn’t been resolved to my satisfaction.

(Oh and before anyone points out that I spelled my own name wrong, I didn’t: it originally had two Rs but I dropped one.)


6 thoughts on “I should write a misery memoir…

  1. Can you remember writing it? How old were you? What a fab thing to find and what a naughty sister you have, lol and most importantly did your Dad sort it out?

  2. How sweet that he kept it! I found a letter that I wrote to my Dad from South Africa (many moons ago) when I was clearing out his house. Really poignant.
    (I like your name with two Rs, btw.) 😉 xx

  3. Aw that’s so sweet (what a grass-up you were – knowing even then the might of the pen!) when my dad died I found a receipt in his wallet for mum’s engagement ring and for the hotel in London where they spent their weekend honeymoon… so lovely.

    1. Haha, I know! When we read it, my sister said “snitch” and I said I sound like a right little snot.

      That’s lovely about your dad.

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