A birthday and an anniversary

Today would have been my dad’s 78th birthday.

Harry just saw this picture and said, “Is it Grandad Nincompoop’s birthday?” And I said, “Yes. Well, it would have been if he hadn’t died.” Harry said, “Well. He can celebrate his birthday in Heaven.”

I don’t believe in Heaven and neither did my dad, but, you know, it’s quite nice to think of him up there, riding a Harley (I have no idea whose bike that is in the picture, but it wasn’t his) and generally making a nuisance of himself.

Harry’s standing next to me now and has just asked, “Are you writing a book about Grandad?”

I said, “Maybe. Do you think that’d be good?”

“Well. He’s not going to be able to read it in Heaven… but you could send it to him!”

“How would I do that?”

“You just put it in the post and put ‘To Heaven’ and the postman will take it straight there. Easy!”

In other news, it’s eight years today since I started blogging. Blimey. A LOT has changed in those eight years…


4 thoughts on “A birthday and an anniversary

  1. Lovely. Happy Birthday Harry Nincompoop.
    Oh, btw, your banner thingy still says ‘Merry Christmas, everyone’. You probably mean it to, right? x

    1. Haha! Not so much, no. Thank you. Will now spend the rest of the day trying to think of something to change it to… *thinks*

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